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Welcome to the character page! A page for all your character info. These character have been created by our very own gurls. Feel free to add to this page if you have any others :D


Unicorn- The sassy colorful unicorn that has a strange habit of saying "ya'lk" instead of "ya'll". Unicorn is a very unique character in the world of sass. She is kind of reflected on Lady Raincorn from Adventure Time as far as looks. She has a really long white body with very long rainbow hair. She has orange eyes, a dark purple nose, a bright green tounge, and dark blue hooves. She's quite loud and a bit of a bully or villian. Mainly because she has little to no friends. She's an outcast and because of her loudness, her oddness, and her meaness. She gets angered VERY easily. You don't want to be near her when she's ticked... She loves to kick people off of things. Usually out windows, off mountains, and off the cliff. Whenever she's around she must kick someone out/off of something. She can't go a day without doing so.

Sassy Lou- Sassy guy from one direction. Always acting totally cray cray when things happen. Always says "OH HEWL NAW GURL." Also Sassy Lou's nickname is the sass masta from doncasta. He is really just Louis Tomlinson but MUCH MORE SASSY. He is loud and could get so sassy with you if you get him mad. You never want to get on his bad side or else you will get SASS ATTACKED.. He can't go one day with out being sassy. He usually says "Mmmm gurl." "OH HEWL NAW." "I AM THE SASS MASTA FROM DONCASTA OKAY?"

Sterling Silver- A unicorn from Canterlot, foal of Cadance and Shining Armor. He is mad jelly of his sister, Gold Heart, because she was born an alicorn. He really wants wings and to be an alicorn, and he loves flying of any sort. His Auntie Twilight is teaching him what he needs to earn his own wings.


~Unicorn was created by Glitter Gurl

~Sassy Lou was created by GwenTheVampireGurl

~Sterling Silver was created by MightyMewtron