Hey y'all!! Welcome to Gurl Time Wiki! If you're new here, it's time to update your vocabulary! But before you can truly gurl it up, you must know what a "gurl" is.  Gurls don't have to be girls, they can be either gender.



Gurl can be used as an adjective, a verb, and a noun. 

Gurl (noun) - she's a gurl - A sharp tongued, goofy yet energetic, user of sass. 

Gurl (adj) - that's so gurl - To be sassy. To be flavorishous. To have attitude. 

Gurl (verb) - to gurl - To act sassy to something. To act in a "Oh no u din't attitude"


Some things we say here can be summed up with this list.

Cray Cray - A fun way of saying "crazy".

-3- - Camrie's face of approval.

James - If in Mighty Mewtron's presence, this word is always to be used positively. 

Ohmagur - A short way of saying "Oh my girl". Used in the same way as saying "No way" or "Oh My Gosh"

Off Ze Cliff - Used by Camrie when tossing objects off of a cliff.

Gurlalalalala - A greeting when gurls enter chats. It's like a welcome chant. 

/)^3^(\ - Rainbow Dash's face of approval, adapted to mean "SO AWESOME".

AVUYROCOBPSBATWUQUYRV. - Camrie's way of expressing a feeling of suprise.  

Notable GurlzEdit

From outside of this wiki that come from T.V. Shows, movies, plays, books, etc. 

James - anyone who is a flaming Moltres is a total gurl.

Mabel Pines - That attitude, that flare, that liveliness, she's a gurl.

Leshawna - Her tone of voice and her sassy language counts towards gurlhood.

Honey Boo Boo Child - IDK..... She's being debated. 

Pinkie Pie - Have you SEEN how this mare parties?!

Mystery Meat - The embodiment of gurlism...served with nine secret spices!

Sassy Louis - A member of ID. Sassy Louis is secretly a sass machine!

If you are a fellow gurl, feels free to add to this page about Gurlz.