Name Pony Name Type CM Destiny Mane Fur
Camrie Glitter Bee Pegasus
Mewtron Sugar Spice Unicorn None yet Implied to be writing Reddish-brown Purple
CoGreen Stage Dive Pegasus Drama Mask
Ezekiel Pegasus
Eva Pegasus
Noah Unicorn Open book Intelligience Brown Red
Justin Captivation
Katie and Sadie Half a smiley face  Black Pink
Tyler Pegasus
Izzy Pegasus Three bombs Pyrotechnics Orange Green
Cody Unicorn Laptop Technology work Pale yellow
Beth Earth Three pig faces Animal farmng 
Gwen Unicorn Her sketchbook/diary and a pencil Drawing Blue and black Midnight blue
Heather Queen Bee Pegasus A bee with its stinger emphasized Being an alpha bitch Black Red
Courtney Control Freak Unicorn Her PDA  Leadership and organization Brown Gray
Lindsay Unicorn Shopping bag with a heart on it Fashion
Geoff Pegasus
Bridgette Earth Surfboard Surfing Yellow Blue
Owen Earth
Trent Pegasus
Eva Pegasus