The TDDO Babies are the fan-made future children of several ships in Total Drama Do Over. These are not canon. Spoilers for pairing ahead.


Parents: Duncan and Mel

Birthday: June 13

Age Circa 2028: Thirteen years old

Chuckie is the oldest in the group, but that doesn't make him the most mature. Teasing the other children, swearing, and being generally rude are in his DNA. Luckily Charlotte (aka "Aunt Lottie") has been trying her best to keep him in line since he was a baby, but with age, his attitude worsens. He tends to target Rebecca the most in his torture, finding her annoying beyond belief. Chuckie's annoyed by Angeline's goody-goody-ness as well, but if he laid a finger on her, she'd tell her parents and get him into serious trouble. Chuckie tries to act older than he really is and does not like being called a kid. For that matter, he doesn't like being called "Charles", either.


Parents: Brick and Courtney

Birthday: January 9

'Age Circa 20'28: Nine years old

Rebecca tries her best to be the top. She definitely has her parent's competitiveness. Rebecca believes in being kind to her elders, but with the other children, she won't rest until she has her way. She is the best in her eyes, and thee's no arguing with her. She detests uncivilized bottom feeders like Chuckie and his family, which is why they're more often then not at each other's throats. Rebecca doesn't settle for second place, and the new baby should keep that in mind too. Suzanne can't take the role as the cutie of the house.


Parents: Charlotte and Trent

Birthday: February 16

Age Circa 2028: Five years old


Parents: Abigail and Noah

Birthday: March 19

Age Circa 2028: Six years old


Parents: Abigail and Noah

Birthday: December 12

Age Circa 2028: Four years old


Parents: Brick and Courtney

Birthday: December ??

Age Circa 2028: Less than a year old


Parents: Alejandro and Dakota (stepmother Heather)

Birthday: July 27

Age Circa 2028: Eleven years old


Owners: Brick and Courtney


Age Circa 2027:


Owners: Abigail and Noah


Age Circa 2027: