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Mel: This day is going to be perfect. The kind of day of which I've dreamed since TDI.

  • Soon that punk boy will come around, I'll have him pinned down on the ground.
  •  And I don't care if I make that Courtney cryyyy....
  • Courtney: This day was going to be perfect, the kind of day of which I dreamed pre-C.I.T.
  • But instead of prize galore, and Duncan's love to reasure...
  • New girl's come to take my boy away from mee.......
  • Mel: I didn't come to be their chum! I have no shame here in this game!
  • Chaste? Well, I'd be lying if I say....
  • That through any kind of weather, I'll let those two stay together...
  • The truth is, I just want him all to me!
  • No, I will not spare that punk! For I cannot lose that hunk!

So I'll do whatever till he's MIIIIINE!

Courtney: I must make haste before all time's waste, Must be quick to save my pride!

Brick.. he'll be standing by my side...

But I hope in Duncan's heart, that I haven't split apart,

That the new girl hasn't stole the spot as bride!

No I will not let him go!!! His love fills me head to toe!...

OH.. STUPID OGRE!!.. I'll be back in the show!!!


Mel: Finally, the moment has arrived! And I won't wait til I'm a bride!

Courtney: Oh his team will never see, that his hearts's shackled and not FREE! SOON MY DUNCAN WILL BE!!...

Mel: MINE! ALL! MINE! *hideous oinky laughter*

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