EXTREME SPOILERS! EXTREME SPOILERS! EXTREME SPOILERS! EXTREME SPOILERS!This Game Aria is a song written by  CoGreen2.0 (as Fake!Vanessa) and MightyMewtron (as Vanessa)                                                                                                                                                        Vanessa/Heather: This game is going to be perfect! The kind of game of which I dreamed since I was small!...Yes the people all shall see, me being showered with money, what they don't know is that I have fooled them ALL!!!!

  • Vanessa: This game was going to be perfect, the kind of game of which I dreamed since I was small...but instead of gaining allies with false assurance, plots, and lies, the final two may not include me after all.
  •  Heather: I do not care about being fair! I will not play real nice today! The million? I'll steall it all away!!! Cause through any kind of weather, I'm not her, my name is Heather, and I'll flush these losers down the walk of shaaaaamme!! NO I DO NOT Care for friends! MY STRATEGY MAKES NO AMMENDS! But the money will still be all miiiine!!!
  • Vanessa: Must escape before it's too late, join the game before I'm shamed. Chef's food? It makes me wanna run away!! And I fear I'll be a loser to those to whom I've been a user, and lied to, taunted, foiled every day! Now I sort of miss those friends, they can help me reach the end. Oh, Chris McLean, this challenge I'll attteeeeeeeend!!!


  • Vanessa/Heather: (at the gilded chris awards) At last the moment has arrived! (pulls out voting device) For a sucker, to take a shameful drive!
  • Vanessa: Oh, the finals, I won't make! They'll give immunity to a fake! The Gilded Chris will be-
  • Heather: MINE! ALL MINE!! (horrifily evil laughter)