So for those of you who know me, I forget everything xD So Imma make a blog for my 10 oc's so I remember their names (ALL CREDIT GOES TO: Glitter Gurl, MightyMewtron, GwenTheVampireGurl, FabrittanaForever, Me, & CoGreen2.0)

1) Erin, a fashionista who is obsessed with the way she looks

2) Melissa, a girl who loves going on the internet, and always has her Iphone on her 24/7

3) Jillian, the typical Regina George, everyone wants to be her, and she's pretty much a total b*tch

4) Katie, Your typical dumb blonde she's best friends with Jillian, and is pretty much Karen Smith

5) Johnny, your typical jock, he's tall, he's handsome, he's plain Sex-on-a-stick! 

6) Kenneth, he lives in his own imaginary world, and he's convinced he lives in the jungle

7) Esteben, a narcotic boy whos always tired

8) ZJ, (Zoey JR), A wimpy little girl, who dresses like she's from the 80s

9) Oliver, a boy who's secretly a C.I.A spy

10) Cici, a drama nerd obsessed with playing "Mimi" from Rent