Hello everyone! I'm starting a new blog called 'Gossip gurl' ! It will have a new one up every week. It will have events and news about the wikia and more. I'm going to be writing these. If you have anything you want to be in next times Gossip gurl comment it! NOW INTO THE GOSSIP! Also every edition will have a question, the best answer will be featured in the next edition! ;D 

Mew on stage? 

For her school she did a class play and she danced and did some thing else. o-o xD

I got to admit, I would HATE to do that. Even if I did sing onstage once. It's a lot of work. One thing I have to say is Congrats! xD

Camrie's Birthday!! 

The amazayn creator of this wikia Camrie's birthday is in 2 days! 

You better be here! I'm personally writing her a story. I thought this would be some thing EVERYONE should know about. So camrie happy 2 day early b-day! ;D

New Uncreative Wikia?

Yes, there is a new uncreative wikia! YES YES YES! I was the original creator of the UC wikia and the wikia kinda hit a lot of bumps in the rode. So we are having a fresh start here. 

Make sure to check it out! 

But don't worry! This place won't go down! 

Sorry for the short edition! It will get better in time! So now for the question! 

'How did you think this 1st edition went?' 

Leave you answers in the comments! See you next time!