Yes! Gossip Gurl is finally back! (You are welcome camrie.) Now let's get onto the news shall we? 

Ponies, Ponies, and oh! More ponies.

I feel i should like address this because when i'm not on chat we are talking about ponies. Am I right? Or am I right? Anyway, in my opinion I don't understand why everyone loves ponies. But i'll leave that to the bronies and pega-sisters out there.

Quiet dA 

It seems like Deviantart hasbeen pretty quiet lately. (Except for mew who posted yesterday.) I haven't posted anything in a while over there and camrie and 2.0 haven't either so it's been pretty quiet on my side of dA. 

I'm writing a new fan-fiction!

YES, I'VE BEEN WRITING A FAN-FICTION AND I DIDN'T TELL YOU. Well only Camrie would like it anyway but whatever. On wattpad currently, i'm writing my second part to my 'amazing' fan-fiction. (Also camrie if you want the link to it i'll give it to you c;) I'm also going to write more total drama fan-fictions on dA so that will be up soon. 

And, that's pretty much all I have my readers. Hope you enjoyed. 

Last weeks best answer: MightyMewtron: As your internet mommy, I officially un-ground thee >:D

I wish that actually worked *sighed* But hey! I'm not grounded anymore, so that's nice. Thank you mew. 

Question of the how ever long it takes me to make a new part: If you could kiss, kill, or marry some one out of Ashton Irwin (look him up on google :P), Selena Gomez, and Justin Bieber what would you do? 

My answer: Marry Ashton, Kiss Selena (Don't judge me. >:P), and kill JB. 

Leave your answer below!! See ya next time ;D